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Arc of LaGrange County hands out client awards

The Arc of LaGrange County held its annual Christmas program and meeting Monday evening at the Shipshewana Event Center. Following the Christmas program presented by the Arc clients, awards for the past year were handed out.

The Highest Production Increase Award was given to Andrew Springer, who increased his production by 14 percent over last year.

The Most Improved Worker for 2013 was Jeffrey Hill.

Employees of the Month for the past fiscal year were:

July 2012 – Jeff Hill; August 2012 – Deb Bare; September 2012 – Jill Slater; October 2012 – Orva Mishler; November 2012 – Rebecca Miller; December 2012 – Janice Searfoss; January 2013 – Dillon Green; February 2013 – Charlie Freeman; March 2013 – Mervin Yoder; April 2013 – Rebecca Terrell; May 2013 – LeAnna Bontrager; June 2013 – Sam Bontrager.

Seven individuals were recognized for joining the program this past year: Julian Barajas, Paul Keplinger, Casey McCaffrey, Sheldon McCollum, Trevor Stickler, Duel Weimer, and Mervin Yoder.

Perfect attendance honors (taking only vacation and personal days) went to: Joy Abelgore, Nancy Billman, Polly Bontrager, Katie Eash, Ryan Eaton, Krystal Gaertner, Patty Gray, Dustin Gromala, Lisa Harter, Tim Kauffman, David Lambright, Mary Miller, Rebecca Miller, Lillian Nisley, Sue Ellen Raber, Todd Shorter, Jill Slater, Cindy Treece, Olen Yoder, and Tim Yoder.

Ten clients awarded for Outstanding Attendance, with zero days missed, were: Viola Brodbeck, Tammy Hayward, Jeff Hill, Betty Keil, Debra McCreary, Steve Olejniczak, James Oliver, Mary Jo Prudlow, Janice Searfoss, and Leslie Sheley.

In all, nearly 40 percent of Arc’s workforce had perfect attendance.

Social Club officers were recognized for 2013: Ryan Eaton, president; LeAnna Bontrager, vice president; Mary Jo Prudlow, treasurer; Joy Abelgore, secretary; Krystal Gaertner and Billy Page, Sunsine Club.

Safety awards were presented to: Katie Eash, July-September; Andrew Springer, October-December; Joy Abelgore, January-March; Sheldon McCollum, April-June.

Random Acts of Kindness awards were selected by staff who had observed a worker doing a random act of kindness for someone else in the agency. Recipients were: Andrew Springer, Dustin Gromala, Mary Alice Ward and Karla Rowan.

Longevity Awards went to: 5 years – David Lambright; 15 years – Ester Farrell, Terry Lynn Jordan, Rebecca Terrell; 20 years – Mary Anderson; 25 years – Julie Moore and Todd Shorter; 35 years – Tobias Bontrager.

The “Biggest Loser” award, for the individual who lost the most weight over the past year, went to Nancy Billman.



Six staff members were recognized for perfect attendance: Ron O’Brien, Ron Hatfield, Ida Hochstetler, Carla Porter, Debra Seman, and Vicki Carter-Stanford.

Staff longevity awards went to: 5 years – Wilma Graber and Michael Pociech; 10 years – Phylis Hyland and Linda Kline; 15 years – Kirk Stoltzfus; and 40 years – Dorothy Mast.

Dr. Jeffery Bassett was elected president of the Arc Board, Steve Jones as vice president and Wilbur Miller as secretary.

Directors elected to a two-year term were Reneé Harville, Andrew Landgraff, Richard Muntz and Kris Stutzman.

Scott Hampton was recognized and thanked as an outgoing board member, having served a second stint on the board for nearly six years.