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Arc group habilitation


The tenth program that is being highlighted is Group Habilitation.

The Arc needs your help…in providing a meaningful day for our consumers. Group Habilitation offers a more individualized service to our consumers by placing them into smaller groups. The Arc of LaGrange County typically has groups of four to six consumers with one staff person.

Group Habilitation gives consumers freedom to work on a variety of different real life tasks to enrich their lives and move them towards independence. For example, we have consumers who have learned how to type, use a computer and complete a check book registry independently.

The pride that an individual feels after completing these goals speaks volumes for the worth of the program. Consumer Nancy Billman stated, “I have learned so many things in my class. It has helped me to communicate with others and the staff is always coming up with new ideas to keep us busy.”

One area we focus on in the classroom activities is building up skills that could be used for consumers to move into the work environment, either in the workshop or in the community. Activities include learning to sort, count, read and follow instructions.

Another area we focus on at The Arc of LaGrange County is physical fitness. Adult Day Activities supervisor Sue Hankinson and Group Habilitation supervisor Pam Getts lead a daily exercise class at The Arc. This class is tailored to individuals with disabilities and focuses on increasing hand-eye coordination, endurance, and muscle flexibility.

If you would like to be a part of this program, either by donating your time or materials that can be used for our activities, please contact Vocational Rehabilitation Director, Andi Freeze at (260) 463-2653. Without the constant assistance of the community, our programs would not be able to operate and we offer our heartfelt gratitude as you “Achieve With Us!”