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Arc is changing its name


remain the same

Arc Opportunities, Inc., formerly known as the “School of Opportunity” first opened in 1966. The organization has been serving people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families for the past 46 years here in LaGrange County.

The organization began with a small group of concerned citizens who held a dream for children with disabilities. That dream included education, skill training, recreation, integration, and support that would enable children in the community to live at home with their families. They wanted to play an active role in ensuring that individuals with disabilities were prepared, empowered, and supported to fully participate in the life of the community.

Today, that dream remains intact for individuals with disabilities from the cradle to the grave. Arc Opportunities, Inc. has continued to expand its services as the needs of people with disabilities have evolved. The mission of the organization is to protect and support individuals with disabilities and to develop their potential within our unique community.

Although their array of services is remaining the same and their commitment to individuals with disabilities and their families will not waiver, the organization is changing its name. Arc Opportunities, Inc. is changing its name to “The Arc of La Grange County.” “We are making this move in order to be in alignment with the national and state Arcs,” CEO Debra Seman stated. An attempt is being made to bring a cohesive name and brand to the movement across the nation. The purpose being, as people travel across the country, they will not only recognize “The Arc” but will know exactly who is served by the organization and most likely what occurs on behalf of individuals with disabilities.

Seman shared that The Arc is often referred to as the “best kept secret.” She doesn’t want the organization to be a secret. The agency is proud of who they represent and all that they bring to our community. They want to share the good news with everyone!

The first program that is being highlighted is Infant Monitoring. As precious as they are, sometimes hugs just aren’t enough. From the moment your child entered the world, you’ve cuddled your baby and promised to meet every need. But what happens when you have questions about your child’s development? A parent needs to be reassured that their child’s development is on target. That’s why The Arc of La Grange County offers a freeearly identification screening tool for all children in the county ages 4 months through their 4th birthday.

A questionnaire is mailed to all participating families at 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 30, 36, and 48 months of age for self-evaluation of their child’s developmental progress. This questionnaire helps to reassure parents that their child’s development is on target and lets them know what they can expect to happen next. If a delay is detected, evaluations are offered, again free of charge, to the family and, where needed, services are provided through the First Steps program. Each child is unique and may reach developmental milestones slightly earlier or later than his or her peers. But parents should trust their instincts. You know your child best! You are your child’s most important teacher. The Arc of La Grange County is simply your partner in discovering your child’s full potential. If you have a concern you should seek answers.

Interested families should contact Ashley Walter at (260) 463-2653 for more information. The Arc of LaGrange County is serving children…serving our community…serving the future. Let’s work together to make it bright.