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ANR Pipeline successfully completes maintenance activities in area


TransCanada’s ANR Pipeline has successfully completed maintenance activities in Elkhart, LaGrange, DeKalb and Steuben counties and will begin refilling the pipeline with natural gas on Oct. 31.

Once the pipeline is filled with natural gas, ANR will inspect the pipeline using personnel on the ground as well as from above. Residents may notice helicopters flying along the newly tested section. The line is expected to go back into service on Nov. 1.

Activities along the pipeline route over the past several weeks are part of ANR’s ongoing maintenance and safety program. ANR personnel conducted a routine test commonly employed by the pipeline industry called a hydrostatic test. When conducting this test, natural gas was removed from the pipeline and replaced with water that is placed under high pressure to check for any anomalies or leaks.

“The safety of our employees and the public is a top priority for us, and testing our pipeline allows us to pinpoint issues and resolve them before they become a larger concern,” said Project Manager Richard Torres. “We successfully tested this section of the ANR Pipeline system and replaced some of the pipe.”

“We want to thank the communities for their patience during our activities and look forward to placing the line back into service, in time for the winter heating season that is just around the corner,” Torres added.

Residents who have questions can contact ANR’s Land Representative Bill Burns at 317-534-7228.