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Air Force Association Medal of Merit awarded to Howe School teacher

Air Force Association Medal of Merit awarded to Howe School teacher

The Air Force Association (AFA) continues to be impressed with The Howe School’s Chief of Technology Officer and computer teacher, Michael Reed. Reed accepted the challenge of coaching a CyberPatriot team for The Howe School at the request of Chapter 411’s president, Dr. Chuck Hassel, back in 2011. CyberPatriot is a national high school cyber defense competition that was established by the AFA. The Northrop Grumman Foundation is the presenting sponsor for CyberPatriot. CyberPatriot’s funding partners are SAIC and CIAS at the University of Texas-San Antonio. The competition teaches defensive techniques in cyber security.

In the first year as the CyberPatriot coach, Reed’s Howe team placed 124th out of 271 teams in the All-Service Division of the competition. The team followed up that performance in 2012 with a trip to the National Semifinals, finding 30 of 36 vulnerabilities in rounds 1 and 2 combined. The Howe School competed against five other Army JROTC schools in the semifinal round for a chance to advance to the National Finals. In the semifinals the team placed 5th, just short of making it to the National Finals.

Reed is proud of the team for their efforts since the birth of the program two years ago and is already looking forward to working toward a trip to the National Finals next year in CyberPatriot VI.

The AFA has not let Reed’s willingness to go the extra mile go unnoticed. In 2012, Reed was presented with the Air Force Association Indiana State Teacher of the Year Award. This year, at The Howe School’s Mother’s Day weekend awards ceremony, Reed was presented with the “Medal of Merit” by Dr. Hassel for his distinguished service to the AFA during 2013. Reed was the only AFA member in the State of Indiana to receive a Medal of Merit this year.

“If your CyberPatriot group continues to impress everyone it will open the door for a very impressive Exceptional Service Award,” Dr. Hassel told Reed.

Reed is excited to be involved in the improvement of the team’s rankings for a third straight year in the program.

Reed resides in Three Rivers Michigan with his wife Kelly and daughter Mikayla.