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Adult Fair exhibit Results


Collectibles:Best of Show – Scott Weiland. Prize Donor – Norm Duesler.

Champion – Scott Weiland. Reserve Champion – Laura Lemings.

Blue – John Grobis, Linda Grobis, Laura Lemings (3), Shirley Strayer (2), Jeri Phillips, Susan Burger, Becky Rowe, Mary Snover, Mary McKensie (2), Karen Weiland (2), Scott Weiland. Red – Alverna Carpenter, Lois Wainscott.

Crafts:Best of Show – Becky Rowe. Prize Donor – Patchwork Patterns Extension Homemakers. People’s Choice Award – Donald Snover. Prize Donor – Schlemmer Hardware.

HolidayDecorations: Champion – Becky Rowe. Blue – Sylvia Vicki.

Household Accessories: Reserve Champion – Sylvia Vicki. Blue – Martha Brudney, Mary Snover.

Jewelry: Blue – Shirley Strayer, Chrystal Draves (2). Red – Chrystal Draves (2).

Personal Accessories: Blue – Chrystal Draves. Red – Chrystal Draves (2).

Other: Blue – Donald Snover.

Fine Arts:Best of Show – Susan Burger. Prize Donor – LaGrange County Community Foundation.

Oil: Red – Shirley Strayer.

Watercolor: Champion – Mary McKenzie. Blue – Mary McKenzie (2). Red – Nancy Ford.

Acrylic: Champion – Ann Bricker. Blue – Nancy Ford.

Photography: Champion – Susan Burger. Blue – Susan Burger, Fenway Park (2), Sylvia Vicki.

Other: Blue – Sylvia Vicki.

Food Preservation:Best of Show – Jeri Phillips. Prize Donor – Newbury Twp. Extension Homemakers.

Canned Fruit: Champion – Shirley Strayer. Blue – Shirley Strayer, Jeri Phillips.

Canned Vegetables: Champion – Jeri Phillips. Blue – Shirley Strayer, John Grobis.

Pickles and Relish: Champion – Jeri Phillips, Reserve – Sylvia Vicki. Blue – Shirley Strayer, Jeri Phillips. Red – Shirley Strayer (2).

Jams. Jellies, Marmalade: Champion – Doris Haggard. Reserve Champion – Shirley Strayer. Blue – Emmy Kratz, Linda Grobis, Marci Kelly. Red – Shirley Strayer.

Sauces: Champion – Mary Snover.

Salsa: Champion – Shirley Strayer. Blue – Marci Kelly, Lainey Kratz.

Foods:Best of Show – Carolyn Gochenaur. Prize Donor – Plato Extension Homemakers. Best Cookie Award – Carolyn Gochenaur. Prize Donor – Tupperware – Ann Lehman.

Cakes: Champion – Christy Thomas. Blue – Betty VanWagner.

Cookies: Champion – Carolyn Gochenaur. Blue – Betty VanWagner, Doris Haggard, Alice Koester, Scott Garvin.

Yeast Bread: Blue – Betty VanWagner.

Quick Bread: Champion – Jeri Phillips. Blue – Betty VanWagner.

Pie: Champion – Shirley Strayer.

Candy: Champion – Betty VanWagner. Blue – Shirley Strayer.

Muffins: Blue – Shirley Strayer.

Bars: Champion – Carolyn Gochenaur. Blue – Shirley Strayer, Jeri Phillips (2), Betty VanWagner.

Other: Blue – Scott Garvin.

Horticulture:Best of Show – Ruth Bontrager. Prize Donor – LaGrange County Master Gardeners.

Live Flower Arrangement, multi-stem, small flower: Champion – Mercedes Bauermeister. Blue – Laura Lemings, Elizabeth Oakley.

One Stem Live Flowers, Single Stem: Champion – Mary Lemings. Reserve Champion – Rod Bauermeister.

Houseplant, Greenery: Champion – Jeri Phillips. Reserve Champion – Jeri Phillips. Blue – Shirley Strayer, Jeri Phillips. Red – Jeri Phillips.

Houseplant, Flowering: Champion – Ruth Bontrager. Reserve Champion – Ruth Bontrager. Blue – Jeri Phillips.

Container Gardening: Champion – Jeri Phillips. Blue – Jeri Phillips.

Other: Champion – Maureen Bartow.

Needlework:Best of Show – Nancy Tooker. Prize Donor – Ann Fremion.

Crochet: Blue – Crystal Draves, Ruth Bontrager, Elizabeth Oakley, Carla Whitlock. Red – Crystal Draves (2), Shirley Strayer, Shirley Pfafman.

Embroidery: Champion – Nancy Tooker. Blue – Lois Haarer (3).

Knit: Champion – Tara McGregor. Blue – Ruth Bontrager, Mary Ross (2), Carla Whitlock. Red – Ruth Bontrager, Lea Ann McGregor.

Quilting:Best of Show – Doris Haggard. Prize Donor – Homespun Treasure.

Quilts, Pieced and hand quilted by exhibitor: Blue – Nancy Brown.

Quilts, Pieced and machine quilted by exhibitor: Champion – Linda Grobis. Blue – Ruth Ann Hullinger. Red – Jennifer Walker.

Quilts, Pieced by exhibitor and machine quilted by other: Blue – Judy Aldrich (2).

Wall Hanging, Pieced and machine quilted by exhibitor: Blue – Ira Johnson (3).

Other: Champion – Doris Haggard. Red – Martha Brudny (2).

Recycle-It:Best of Show – Susan Burger. Prize Donor – Ed Lemings. Champion – Susan Burger. Reserve – Linda Grobis. Blue – Sylvia Vicki, Mary Snover, Karen Weiland.

Sewing:Best of Show – Ira Johnson. Prize Donor – Greenfield Twp. Extension Homemakers.

Childrens: Blue – Ira Johnson. Red – Linda Grobis.

Accessories: Blue – Carla Whitlock.

Decorated Clothing: Red – Ruth Ann Hullinger.

Other: Blue – Ruth Bontrager.

Woodworking:Best of Show – Harry Koester. Prize Donor – Kuntry Lumber.

Finished Woodworking: Blue – Harvey Neu, Harry Koester.

Intarsia, Patterned: Champion – Harry Koester. Reserve Champion – Harry Koester.

Other: Blue – Harry Koester.