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Administration of Tobacco Free grant split

County commissioners made an attempt to sort out the administration of the Tobacco Free grant at Monday’s meeting. The program, which covers four Northeastern Indiana counties, had previously been administered by Greg Johnson of Howe, who left the county in June to seek other interests in California. Although he verbally resigned, Johnson has not been responsive to mail requesting that he send an official letter of resignation.

Commissioners terminated his services in July and have now approved administrative contracts for two different people for the remainder of the grant cycle. The division of responsibility has been approved by the State of Indiana.

Deb Ponocorov was approved as the administrator for the LaGrange and Steuben County portions of the contract. She will be paid for 11 months at the rate of $1,550.25.

Lisa Jones was approved as the administrator of the Noble and DeKalb County contracts at a rate of $1,894.75 for 11 pay periods.

Pay for the two is somewhat different because of the break-down of funds received for each of the four counties.

A goal for the grant is to reduce the amount of smoking that occurs in the area.