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The absorbent mind of an infant


Infants are full and complex human beings, absorbing every sight, sound, smell, and touch that they encounter.

Infants are born curious, creative, and intelligent. Alongside basic infant care, Agapé Child Care Ministry at the Stroh Church of Christ is enriching children’s worlds to help them achieve their full potential.

Agapé is a Christian childcare program with a Montessori approach to education serving children ages 6 weeks through 12 years. “We respect infants as individual human beings, allow them as much freedom of movement as possible, and help them to become increasingly independent by creating a safe, child-friendly environment that makes it easier for them to explore,” stated Lisa Howe, director of Agapé Child Care Ministry.

Infants as well as toddlers are sponges that soak up every aspect of their environment. Nurturing the spirit while supporting growth and independence give a child a great start.

For more information, contact Lisa at 260-351-2098.