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2014 Legislative Session Concludes

The Indiana General Assembly concluded the 2014 legislative session this week.

Lawmakers advanced policies that encourage job growth, maintain Indiana’s fiscal stability and support Hoosiers across the state. Here are some of the noteworthy bills passed this session:         

·   SB 1: Includes a combination of tax cuts that builds on Indiana’s pro-growth, pro-jobs tax climate to make the state even more attractive to employers.

·   SB 91: Requires the State Board of Education to void the Common Core education standards and approve new Indiana-specific standards.

·   HB 1002: Transfers $200 million from the state’s transportation reserve fund to pay for current road projects, and allows for an additional $200 million transfer in the future, if the state’s fiscal health allows it.

·   HB 1004: Establishes a two-year pilot program using existing state funds to help low-income families send their children to preschool.

·   HB 1006: Refines last year’s criminal sentencing changes and supports local treatment and rehabilitation for low-level, non-violent offenders.

·   SB 331: Establishes the Second Service for Veterans Program to attract students who are veterans to the teaching profession.

·   SB 352: Provides financial assistance to veterans and their families by allowing them to apply for Indiana’s Military Family Relief Fund any time after their military service.